• Deborah Malschuk

Wrap your home in festive joy!

5 Steps to instant cosiness this winter

Snuggling up after a bracing walk with the dogs. Buttery, warm mince pies with a splodge of cream. Just one more cup of tea. Oh, go on then, with a wee dram of whisky, it is Christmas after all.

When the temperature drops and December edges closer, I feel a tremor of anticipation at the thought of turning my home into a festive sanctuary ready for friends and family to gather. And my first port of call is to open my blanket box to reacquaint myself with old favourites. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to a gorgeous new throw or tablecloth to add a subtle twist to this year’s Christmas. Sumptuous and generous use of fabrics typifies the festive season for me. Christmas is a time to cocoon, wrap up and nestle down. Our dark North European winters have much to do with our love of fabrics. In years gone by, knitting by the fireside or embroidering by candlelight kept us occupied during those long winter evenings and provided precious clothing, blankets and decorative items. Fast-forward to modern times and chunky handknitted blankets, precious embroidered treasures, felted garlands and intricate quilts add warmth and texture to a room. They’re perfect for wrapping up with while you sip something warming in front of the fire.

Here are my five favourite ways to add instant festive cosiness to your home:

1. Switch your regular cushions for those with a Christmassy tone and you’re on your way to a winter wonderland; for luxury and sheer comfort, the more cushions the better. Perhaps you like everything to look neat and ordered? Then select cushions to enhance your refined décor style with plaids, patterns or sparkles in complementary tones. For a more relaxed look, mix up sizes, colours and styles, just keep an eye on the way the colours and styles work together for a look that’s true to your home’s character.

2.  Layer up with blankets, quilts and faux pelts for a look that says, “baby it’s cold outside”. Arranged artfully over chairs and sofas, or piled neatly in a large wicker basket, nothing invites guests to make themselves comfortable as well as a generous pile of throws and blankets. I love to mix heirlooms that remind me of childhood Christmases with trend-led pieces for a unique look. Furs and skins add indulgence to a room but can be pricey; if you don’t want to splash out then take a look at some of the convincing alternatives out there for a beautifully toasty look that won’t break the bank.

3.  Fabric garlands and ornaments look beautifully homespun and help add a cosy Scandinavian twist to your Christmas décor. Either get crafty with the help of Pinterest and your favourite craft shop or fake it with some charming ready-made pieces.

4.  Take it to the bedroom. Or the kitchen. Who says Christmas should be confined to the living room and dining table? You can whip up a festive delight in your kitchen with joyful aprons, oven gloves and tea towels. Or start and end the day with a celebratory air by switching your regular bedding for something more seasonal. Layering up your bed with wintery-themed throws, blankets and cushions adds extra cosiness in a flash. And adding the obligatory stockings at the end of the bed or from your fireplace - if you’re lucky enough to have one - is a simple and effective finishing touch that adds a sense of festive magic.

Choose carefully for an enduring appeal. Your Christmas fabrics should last you for many years to come. Selecting classic fabric and prints that will continue to delight and excite is an investment in Christmases yet to come. As a bonus, your photos will look timeless, keeping the focus on the happiness and joy that Christmas brings to family and friends.

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